Designed to reduce turnover and maximize your sales team!

If you need sales reps to generate leads, sell more and make better gross, DAC has you covered.

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Solutions to turn your Sales Reps into Rock Stars

DAC is full of features that help your Sales Reps prospect their own leads, perfect the sales process and protect the gross in every sale.

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Sales Journey

Enable all your reps, from rookies to veterans, to execute your sales process seamlessly, everytime. Driving profitability while providing an amazing experience to every customer, consistently.

Key Benefits

  • Get sales process compliance across all reps

  • Arm reps with mobile tools that increase sales

  • Improve CSI scores of your sales department

  • Allow reps to provide an amazing remote experience

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Gross Guard

Have your reps turn every potential gross-killing hazard throughout the sales process into an opportunity to build trust and advance the sale. Protecting the ever important margins needed to hit your monthly revenue goals.

Key Benefits

  • Improve your frontend gross

  • Get rewarded with better PVR

  • Enable reps to quickly earn the trust of customers

  • Allow reps to easily bring customers into showroom

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My Dealer

Give each of your reps their own digital Dealer operation and watch them turn into lead generating machines. Increasing the amount of monthly leads while driving down the average per lead cost.

Key Benefits

  • Have reps prospecting from everywhere, anytime

  • Eliminate the dependency your reps have on ups

  • Professionalize your entire sales team

  • Have reps create/leverage their personal brand

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